The National Building Museum is one of my favorites. I don't so much go for the exhibitions as I do for the space. The building was modeled after the Palazzo Farnese in Rome and is a beautiful space to do work in, read or get coffee with friends.

Every Summer, a large-scale interactive installation takes over the building's central interior courtyard and it becomes a wonderland for children and adults alike.  This year's installation - Icebergs DC by James Corner Fields Operations - is no different and a few members of the #IGDCfamily had the pleasure of exploring it before it opened to the public. There is a certain magic to wandering between and within and above these large bergs. The  "sea" casts a peaceful blue haze across the underwater scene. It is a mesmerizing and oddly relaxing experience - the space is set up with mini iceberg cushions for lounging in.

Be sure to wander up to the to top floor of the building - the columned floors of the museum perfectly frame the icebergs and you get a view of the installation from above.