Seasonal Shifts

Sept 8 2017_Daily Blog_Edited-6.jpg

September 8th, 2017

And just like that, the crisp morning air and need for a light sweater signal the shift from Summer to Fall. 

The timing feels appropriate - this month also brings a change of my own, a breaking of habitual patterns of scheduling and to-do lists in favor of stillness and reconnection. 

Completely broken by a year of travel, constantly on the move, with no more than ten days in a row at home, I called it quits. I’m switching to part time - taking half the week off to myself through the end of October. And after that - who knows?

It is exhilarating and complicated and the urge to fill up that time with new projects is strong. Ideally, I will resist planning, let what emerges determine how I spend my time. 

Already, it is utterly confusing to be without “purpose,” without knowing what comes next. 
But that, I suppose, is the point.