Staycation at The Line Hotel

The Line Hotel_Edited_Dec17-16.jpg

Plagued by the lucky problem of too-much-travel this year, we canceled the holidays and opted for a quiet and decidedly uneventful staycation in DC. 

Little did we know that the Christmas-New Years window is the most magical time of year. The city empties out, almost overnight and there is less of everything - sounds, events and distractions, in the best way possible. 

There's been much hype about the new Line Hotel in Adams Morgan but it had been packed since its first week of opening. With almost no one in town, it was the perfect time to visit. 

The hotel is beautiful and built into a former church dating back 110 years.  It's upscale with rich jewel toned furnishings and art deco motifs and furniture in the lobby but bright, colorful and bold in the rooms. The architects paid respect to the original building, keeping the basic interior structure, marbled glass windows and lighting fixtures from the church. The organ pipes were repurposed into a geometric chandelier that commands much of the central space. Every room is unique and the art collection is quirky and well-curated. 

The food - a combination of offerings from Chef Erik Bruner-Yang and Chef Spike Gjerde - was predictably good but pricey. Go. At least for a snack and beverage at one of the bars. It's especially beautiful right before sunset - food and company is always better bathed in the right light, of course. 


Raisa AzizComment