In Wonder

I'd seen a few photos of Wonder, the first exhibition at the recently reopened Renwick Gallery, on the #IGDC feed. They were saturated and confusing and beautiful. I wanted to know how anything could look that way.  

The first time I went, I had 30 minutes until closing. I only saw  the first floor, captivated by Gabriel Dawe's Plexus A1 installation. In a true state of wonder. 

For its opening, the Renwick Gallery invited nine artists to create large, site-specific installations, one artist per room. They transformed small, almost insignificant, objects into pieces that delighted and intoxicated. The curators envisioned that the installations would collectively transform the entire building into artwork.

It worked. I couldn't stop staring. There was a pink room covered in insects that looked like a patterned wallpaper at first glance. Stacked index cards forming abstract landscapes. Marbles covering the floor and walls mimicking the curves of the Chesapeake Bay. And long branches bent and wound into human-sized nests. There were real-life rainbows. It was everything I never thought to imagine. 

The second floor of the exhibition closes today. The first floor closes on July 8th. These pictures don't do it justice. If you haven't seen it, go.